Dr Dana TankellDr. Dana's chiropractic practice has been an evolution. After graduating from Life University in 1992 her focus was the athlete, working with their training routines and nutrition. When she got married and had kids, her practice became integrated with family health and well-being - before, during, and after birth. Throughout her years as a chiropractor she has been a technique junkie and 8 years ago discovered KST, a technique that respects the body’s unique knowledge of its own specific needs and, by asking binary questions, has the ability to direct her to the best technique and focus of each adjustment. 

Her passion for chiropractic extends into everything she does from what she eats, to how she cooks, and what exercises she incorporates into her daily routine. Her children were born at home and she even had some stints with homeschooling (an interesting undertaking while practicing and running an office).

She has decided to give CalChiro a 2nd chance because she wants to protect our profession and the only way she can do that is by being a part of the group that works for us here in our hood. 

Dr. Dana practices at Chiropractic Connection in Clairemont.