Dr Cam HeadshotCameron Sutter is a New Jersey native who became interested in chiropractic in his college years as he was drawn to the philosophy and the art of a healing science that explores the innate healing potential of each individual.  Health, fitness, and community involvement have always been a part of who Dr. Cameron is. As an avid surfer, he moved to California to attend LACC/SCUHS.  There he met his wife, Dr. Ivana Nedic. Together they graduated in December of 2004.  During and post-graduate schooling, Dr. Cameron and his wife contributed to the community by offering chiropractic services to many cause-driven events like The AIDS life cycle, Susan G. Komen 3Day Walk, and responding to the needs of first responders during the many California wildfires.

Upon graduation, Dr. Cameron moved to San Diego and after a bit of time spent mentoring with some of our profession’s best, he along with Dr. Ivana opened a family-oriented, lifestyle-based, chiropractic wellness center in the Carmel Mountain area of San Diego in 2007, North County Family Chiropractic

Dr. Cameron has been an active member of the chiropractic profession; attending district meetings of San Diego CalChiro since 2004; politically active on both state-wide and national level - advocating for chiropractic and patient chiropractic access.   

The turmoil of 2020 ignited Dr. Cameron’s desire and commitment to protect and serve the chiropractic profession; so that in the years ahead, our current doctors and our future generations have a fertile ground to grow from.  It is with great honor that he takes the role of the 2021 San Diego CalChiro President.  His vision and goal of his term ahead is to create a fellowship that embraces, celebrates, and nurtures the diverse community of our Doctors! Our monthly events will provide value to each member; diverse speakers, diverse topics, connection with each other and connection with our community, mentorship, and a little fun along the way! Furthermore, he is committed to growing the San Diego Calchiro chapter in its active members.  Our strength grows, when the number of unified voices with shared value of inclusivity grows!

Outside of daily practice and serving chiropractic, Cameron and his wife stay busy raising their two sons.  They enjoy the beach, surfing, mountain biking, and family time with their dog.